Our primary focus is on providing the freshest, finest, fairly traded & organic Coffees & Teas to you and your customers.  Our dedication to detail and careful selection of each varietal shows up in each cup.   In addition to coffee and tea, we offer related products that complement these products.

The Coffees and teas we source are primarily fairly traded, organic (FTO). Most coffees and teas come from third world countries where, historically, the people harvesting the crops have been paid wages that keep them below the poverty threshold. We strive to purchase our coffees and teas from vendors who are socially conscious and environmentally focused.  Purchasing FTO coffees and teas increases overall quality due to the higher prices paid to the producers. Once coffee farmers find that they benefit from following organic guidelines and paying living wages, this practice spreads to adjacent farms and we all benefit.

At BLACKHALL, we source the finest single origin coffees and carefully roast them to bring out the individual characteristics trapped within the beans. Each varietal coffee has a specific roast signature that must be determined to yield the maximum flavor and aroma. We “cup” our coffees and adjust the roast to make sure we are developing the optimal flavor from each varietal.  In addition to single origin coffees, we carefully blend our coffees to meet the needs of our customers. Try our “E.S.P.” espresso. We feel there is no other espresso blend in the country that is better. Our “Dark House” blend is a consistent favorite.

Note: Coffee is a commodity and the market price varies over the course of a year. We account for that in our pricing structure.  Certain coffees carry a high premium such as Hawaiian Kona. We would discourage our wholesale customers from requesting some of these coffees as we feel there are actually better coffees available for a lower cost. If a notable coffee such as a Kona is requested, prices will vary according to Fair Market Value per the request and a proposal will be provided to the customer.