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Here at BLACKHALL we are proud to be part of the ancient tradition of coffee roasting.  From the coffee bushes growing on mountainsides around the world, to the cup of brewed coffee you hold in your hand, we work diligently to be a vital step in this globe-spanning industry.  Our relationship with some of the best coffee sourcing companies in the US allows us to partner with numerous farms to sell their green coffee, which in turn assists the farms and their families to grow and flourish.

Many people are surprised to learn that the coffee we drink is brewed from a roasted seed from inside the coffee cherry.  The “Specialty Grade” coffee we roast is from cherries grown on evergreen bushes above 3000 meters in a strip around the Earth, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.  Whenever we look at a globe, now, we see the verdant trees shading the tall coffee bushes and those tiny green, yellow and red cherries peeking from beneath the wide, serrated leaves.  We feel a strong connection to the folks cultivating this beautiful organic coffee and we love that they are being paid at Fair Trade and above prices for the essential hard work they do to grow, harvest and process these glorious seeds.

Each coffee from each country in the world has unique flavors residing in those tiny seeds.  It takes knowledge and expertise to discover the correct roasting profile for each coffee, and then exceptional diligence and precision to be able to repeat that roast day after day, month after month.  We roast our coffee on a Diedrich IR-12 in small batches which allows us to have much finer control of the roast profile. We blend our various house and espresso offerings to meet the requirements of our many different customers who often serve several different single origins as well. We NEVER add flavorings or modify our coffees in any way.