Guatemala Ceylan Organic RFA SMBC (5 lbs)

Guatemala Ceylan Organic RFA SMBC (5 lbs)


5lbs, price includes tax & shipping.


Cupping notes:

Cocoa, orange, honey, hints of raspberry, delicate cherry notes, medium body


FTO with RFA (Rainforest Alliance certification) and SMBC (Smithsonian Migratory Bird-Friendly Coffee) labels… not to mention SHB…acronyms galore!!!  All of these things are possible in large part because of the fact that coffee grows better in a shade environment, in this case – banana trees.  Shade grown coffee develops slower, producing a harder and more flavorful bean. Interestingly enough, this particular Finca (farm) originally planted these banana trees to specifically provide much coveted shade for the coffee plants.  They soon realized that they had a great secondary crop to sell.  The bananas added to the farm’s ability to generate income while producing even better coffee!
The Ceylan farm is located in Guatemala’s Atitlan region.  Atitlan coffees tend to be more mild than the Huehuetenango coffees, but no less tasty.  Creamy chocolate, nice complexity to the body, some orange and floral accents contributing to  Guatemalan coffee’s reputation as the most complex of all Central & South American coffees.  This Ceylan coffee has more citrus notes than the Huehuetenango and the chocolate is more of a cocoa than a milk chocolate as found in the Huehue’s.
Growing Conditions: Shade grown, hand picked sun dried
Processing: Wet (European Prep)


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